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Marouschka. 20. Dutch. Fangirl. Vegetarian. Music lover. Photographer. Meerkat obsessed. Sci-fi Geek.

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Mary McDonnellLisa Edelstein ♥ Elizabeth Mitchell ♥ Melina Kanakaredes ♥ Amanda Tapping ♥ Helena Bonham Carter ♥

Adama/Roslin ♥ (BSG). House/Cuddy ♥ (House). Jack/Sam ♥ (Stargate SG-1). Helen/John ♥ (Sanctuary). Mac/Stella ♥ (CSI:NY). Sawyer/Juliet ♥ (LOST).

Battlestar Galactica. House MD. V 2009. Glee. Raising Hope. No Ordinary Family. LOST. Big Love. High Society. The Middle. Survivor. Brothers & Sisters. Family Guy. The Event. CSI:NY. The Big C. Nurse Jackie. True Blood. Hung. Spartacus Gods Of The Arena. Stargate SG-1. Everybody Loves Raymond. Little House On The Prairie. Marchlands. Hope Springs. Spartacus Blood And Sands. Men In Trees. Defying Gravity. FlashForward. Meerkat Manor. Earth 2. Sanctuary.

Dances With Wolves. Passion Fish. For All Time. Independence Day. Donnie Darko. Evidence Of Blood. Replacing Dad. Sneakers. Matewan. Woman Undone. Armageddon. Alien. Aliens. Alien 3. Alien Resurrection. Apollo 13. Mission To Mars. Red Planet. Deep Impact. The Core. Pitch Black. The Matrix. The Perfect Storm. The Abyss. Witness Protection. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. The January Man. The Blind Side. All About Steve. The Proposal. Premonition. Snow Cake. Galaxy Quest. Copycat. Terminator Salvation. Magnificent 7. Sweeney Todd. Novocaine.

Adam Lambert. Aerosmith. Alcazar. Barbra Streisand. BSG OST. Ben Saunders. Bon Jovi. Bonnie Tyler. Brandi Russell. Bryan Adams. Celine Dion. Cyndi Lauper. Foreigner. The Fray. Garbage. Glee Cast. Guns N' Roses. Imogen Heap. Kate Bush. Kate Ryan. Kristin Chenoweth. Lady GaGa. Linkin Park. Live. Nickelback. Nirvana. Paramore. Storm Large. Tokio Hotel.

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adama/roslin, alex kingston, alien, alien 3, alien resurrection, aliens, all about steve, amanda tapping, anne heche, armageddon, battlestar galactica, big love, brandi russell, brothers & sisters, bsg, contact, copycat, csi:ny, dances with wolves, deep impact, defying gravity, donnie darko, e/r, earth 2, edward james olmos, elizabeth mitchell, er, erica evans, everybody loves raymond, evidence of blood, family guy, flightplan, for all time, frequency, galaxy quest, gary sinise, gia, glee, gracie’s choice, grand canyon, helen hunt, helen magnus, helena bonham carter, holly hunter, house, house md, huddy, hung, independence day, izabella scorupco, jessica steen, jodie foster, juliet burke, kristin chenoweth, laura roslin, lhotp, lisa cuddy, lisa edelstein, lost, mac/stella, mad about you, magnificent 7, mamma mia, marchlands, mary elizabeth mastrantonio, mary mcdonnell, matewan, meerkat manor, meerkats, melina kanakaredes, men in trees, meryl streep, mission to mars, ncis, nell, no ordinary family, nurse jackie, panic room, passion fish, patricia heaton, patricia wettig, premonition, prison break, pushing daisies, raising hope, reign of fire, replacing dad, sam carter, sam/jack, sanctuary, sandra bullock, santa clause 2, santa clause 3, saving grace, sawyer/juliet, scarface, sigourney weaver, smacked, sneakers, snow cake, spartacus blood and sand, spartacus gods o/t arena, stargate, stargate sg-1, stargate sg1, stella bonasera, suliet, survivor, taxi driver, terminator salvation, the abyss, the big c, the blind side, the event, the incredibles, the january man, the king’s speech, the middle, the perfect storm, the proposal, the river wild, the walking dead, true blood, twister, two small voices, v, v 2009, vertical limit, volcano, what women want, woman undone, xena